the useful helper
when cooking.

arbee recipe butler

The convenient recipe holder for the cookbook, webtablet or for single sheets. Can also be used on shelves or trays.
The functional Recipebutler provides order and space and is ready for use in no time. In addition, arbee protects your cookbook or tablet from contamination and is in a safe place. So you have enough space for preparing your favorite recipes.
And this is how the recipe holder works:
Step 1
Place on the lowest shelf in the cabinet above or next to the cooktop.
Step 2
If necessary, open the cabinet, pull out the movable shelf and close the cabinet again.
Step 3
After use, push back again and close the cabinet.
Technical information:
Dimensions closed: 280 x 220 x 40 mm (length x width x height)
Material: chrome steel ground
Patent: arbee - The Recipebutler is patent pending.
Crime scene: The kitchen
In millions of private households, the place where pleasure and joie de vivre are celebrated and new recipes are tried out. Good kitchen equipment belongs in every kitchen.
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Product idea
A useful helper "arbee recipe butler" presents the cooking or baking recipe in the cookbook, via tablet or smartphone perfectly in the field of vision. Directly above the work surface at eye level. But protected from dirt and damage.
Arbee zusammengelegt
The usage
"arbee recipe butler" is placed in the kitchen upper cabinet, ready to hand at any time. Simply open the cabinet door, pull out the inner part of the "arbee recipe butler". It automatically assumes the correct position. Close the cabinet door. Place the recipe book, tablet or smartphone on the shelf - and off you go.
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A product of the S. Sutter Engineering company.